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Floral apologies, or how best to say “Sorry” with a bouquet

As you know, saying “I’m sorry” can be very difficult, because at such moments emotions overwhelm, and instead of an apology, an incoherent set of words comes out. Considering the prevalence of these apology flowers, you might think that they are absolutely unpretentious in care.

How to choose

The main thing is to know that the bouquet must be given only from a pure heart - then reconciliation will not keep you waiting. Asking for forgiveness with such a gift will be much easier. Insincerity will be detected immediately and can put an end to the relationship. A decent way to apologize is to present a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The most popular are:

• red - a sign of love and passion;

• pink - hope for a bright future;

• white - sincerity and purity;

• yellow - friendly mood.

It's not just roses that are used for apologies - lilies, gerberas, peonies and tulips are all suitable.

Types of bouquets

The bouquet for reconciliation must meet the following requirements:

• consist only of fresh flowers (no plastic);

• contain greenery (fern leaves, twigs, herbs);

• have from 3 to 7 large plants (for example, gladioli, peonies or roses, which can be diluted with lilies of the valley, daisies, crocuses);

• be simple and presentable at the same time.

Absolutely everyone likes flowers, both women and men. What flowers will say “I’m sorry” without words? As an apology to an offended person, you can present almost any flowers: hybrid, wildflowers, primroses, etc., but not cacti. This gesture should not seem formal.

Color and flower meaning

Classic colors for reconciliation are:

• red and burgundy roses are a symbol of love, fidelity and devotion, suitable for apologizing to your beloved girl;

• yellow or white roses are a symbol of family well-being and stability, suitable for apologizing to your wife, sister, mother;

• pink, cream and two-color peonies are a symbol of gratitude and respect, suitable for apologizing to an elderly person of any gender;

• Alstroemeria or Peruvian lilies are universal flowers of friendship, suitable for apologizing to a friend, acquaintance, friend, colleague.

Along with flowers, it is customary to give sweets, cakes, drinks or fruits. Which bouquet to choose for an apology?

Forms and sizes

The modern assortment of bouquets is amazing in variety. For reconciliation, it is recommended to buy bouquets:

• classic spherical or teardrop-shaped - they look simple and concise, neat and elegant;

• asymmetrical - will appeal to creative individuals;

• with flowing flowers - they look interesting, expensive and unusual;

• vertical ones (from flowers on high legs) - cause admiration even among the most offended persons.

And housewives will definitely like flowering plants in a pot: orchids, violets, fuchsias, azaleas.The bouquet for an apology should be dominated by calm shades: pink, cream, yellow, lilac. You should not buy bouquets in lush wrapping. So you may not decide at all. Therefore, sometimes it is better to send flowers by address delivery. Many flower shops offer similar services. Having given flowers, there is no need to focus attention on them (ask if you liked the bouquet, etc.).